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Two Guyz, One Goal:
Successful Cannapreneurs with Quality Cannabis.


Canna Guyz have an extensive network of Cannapreneurs, willing to help like-minded entrepreneurs provide quality cannabis products in an eco-friendly and healthy manner. Tell us precisely what you need…


    With more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Jamal possesses a formidable background in strategy, finance, business development, marketing, and sales; and is a nationally-recognized sales consultant.

  • Jamal was a co-founder of the “Hope Wellness Collective”, a cannabis collective that was number one in Orange County, CA, helping patients with special needs with recommendations from Dr. Rebecca Hendrickson of UCI.He served as senior consultant of sales and marketing for “Will To Win”, a $50 million education and branding firm, and recently worked on a private entrepreneurial project with “Sharks” Daymond John and Robert Herjavec. After decades of cannabis cultivation experience, he is highly knowledgeable and expertised in eco-friendly and efficient cultivation methodologies, and regularly consults growers at all stages of development.He is a strong proponent of high-quality cannabis for its potential medicinal properties. Jamal also has years of real estate experience, and has devised strategies around the demand and proper use of various facilities required in the cannabis business. Jamal is a graduate of the University of Utah, where he played varsity football as a defensive back

    Leo Dotson has been a serial entrepreneur and outspoken cannabis advocate since the 1980s. After founding several startups and consulting countless “mom & pops”, Leo was able to merge two of his passions by becoming involved with dozens of “Cannapreneurs” from California to Massachusetts.

  • As a former SEC college football player, Leo Dotson had several surgeries and concussions, which cause daily pain.  Leo is on a mission to help his numerous friends with similar conditions, who played college and professional sports. He says: “We would rather treat our pain and maintain our health with natural herbs versus taking synthetic pharmaceuticals and all the side effects.”

    While Leo realizes “there are NO guarantees”, he is very optimistic regarding the potential medicinal benefits of both CBD and THC.  Leo Dot is a strong supporter of top-quality, non-GMO, responsibly-cultivated, all-natural plants, as well as a canna-connoisseur of the best strains of Sativa.

    He further believes natural cannabis should be regulated as a supplement and natural herb, rather than a “patentable drug”, which can force out entrepreneurs in lieu of major corporations, which he feels is unethical and can negatively affect our health and economy.

    Leo Dot holds an undergraduate degree in economics, a MBA, and briefly served as adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Kentucky. He was also awarded a certificate with honors in international economics from the Economics University of Vienna, Austria.