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Canna Guyz have an extensive network of Cannapreneurs, willing to help like-minded entrepreneurs provide quality cannabis products in an eco-friendly and healthy manner. Tell us what you precisely need to be more successful. If we like your offering, we will introduce you to our network of Cannapreneurs, and perhaps produce a short video on you and your business. Simply send us an email to:

Cannabis Focus

Canna Guyz promote: Hemp, CBD, THC, non-GMO, responsibly-cultivated, all- natural cannabis, plant genetics research and healthcare patient analytics, and patient and consumer positive outcomes.


(Although the FDA does not currently recognize most medicinal claims regarding cannabis-derived products), Canna Guyz believe they have personally experienced vast improvement in their overall health and immune system. Canna Guyz use 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil (in 1 fl. oz. of coconut oil carrier fluid) extracted from  top-quality Kentucky-grown hemp, with less than 0.3% THC, which meets federal laws pertaining to hemp-derived products. Canna Guyz can assist CBD Retailers obtain KY-grown CBD oil of the highest caliber at competitive prices.


For Canna-Connoisseurs who enjoy great flavor and high THC content, Canna Guyz routinely sample some of the finest 420 on the planet, available in Recreationally-Legal states. Jamal favors Deep Indica for a totally relaxed mood, while Leo seeks the best Sativa strains for all-day energy and full-functioning mental clarity. So, whether adults prefer to “Wake-N-Bake” or go “Super Chill” in the evening, Canna Guyz “Test the Best” and “Share the Love”.